Tomorrow's Rail

The Changing Face
of Britain's Railways


Railways have been a vital part of the fabric of Britain for almost 200 years. But the sector is facing a moment of unprecedented change and opportunity. This is our chance to help shape its future.

  • How do we ensure a railway creaking towards capacity is safe and resilient for the future?
  • How do we arrive at a railway system capable of meeting the country's economic, social and environmental needs?
  • And how do we meet the massive engineering and infrastructure challenges facing the industry now and in the future?

Tomorrow's Rail brings together current and would-be leaders in the political and policy world, with rail operators, designers, consultants, contractors and planners to debate rail's future.

Advisory board chair: Pete Waterman

Pop music impresario Pete Waterman chairs the Tomorrow's Rail's advisory board, whose remit is to help shape the content and personality of the event. Pete started his working life as a steam train fireman in the West Midlands and trains have remained his lifelong passion. He has run numerous rail-related businesses in parallel with his music career and his acclaimed Channel 4 documentary series Trains with Pete Waterman, charted the fascinating history of Britain's railway system. With Pete's input you can be sure Tomorrow's Rail will be a rail event like no other.

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Tony Maguire

"For far too long we have stumbled from one round of funding to another without a clear long term strategy. Tomorrow's Rail Initiative is a forum for the rail industry to come together to discuss the most important aspect of the British economy for the next two hundred years - rail infrastructure."

Pete Waterman

Pete Waterman